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Title: Neil Schulman Interview - Article/Interview

Written:  1973, 1974  Pages: 308



File contains correspondence from Neil Schulman about interview, a letter from Ginny saying they liked his article and commiserated about editors changing things. Several manuscript drafts of article. Published article in Reason. New Libertarian Notes version manuscript, published version.



J. Neil Schulman arranged with a newspaper in New York to interview Robert Heinlein and send him at the end of June 1973 six pages of interview questions.  The interview was conducted by telephone in July 1973 and generated so much material that the original venue did not want it.  Schulman created an article out of the material, titled “Looking Upward Through the Microscope,” which was published in savagely edited format in a newspaper.  Thereafter, Schulman published a complete version of the interview in six issues of New Libertarian Notes in 1973 and 1974: (Issue no. 27, November 1973; No. 29, January 1974; No. 30, March 1974; No. 32, June 1974; No. 33, August 1974; No. 34/35, September 1974).  The entire interview was collected with reviews and miscellanea and published in 1990 by Schulman’s publishing company, as The Robert A. Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleiniana, for which Ginny Heinlein gave an enthusiastic cover blurb.



OPUS 173ve - Neil Schulman Interview

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