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Title: Are You a Rare Blood? (parts 1-3) - Article - Correspondence

Written:  researched beginning summer 1974; written in 1975  

Pages: 1077



Part 1, 200 pages, Denis J. Paradis correspondence from the beginning with a letter dated 18 July 1974. It’s effectively a fan letter that got a form reply from RAH with a handwritten note on the back. It was followed by a long letter from Paradis about blood types and the rare blood article (the reason this correspondence is in this Opus file even though its content diverts wildly from the subject of rare blood). The correspondence becomes regular about a year later, starting with discussion of the scientific aspects of blood and evolving into a personal correspondence and friendship. As Robert becomes ill, the letters from their end change to Ginny as the writer. Page 80 and on has discussion of RAH’s health and surgery in 1978. 

Part 2, 229 pages, Denis J. Paridis correspondence with Ginny continues starting with August 1982. Topics range through the era—politics, the AIDS epidemic, New Coke. Page 91