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Title: Are You a Rare Blood? (parts 4-9) - Article - Correspondence

Written:  Researched beginning summer 1974; written in 1975  

Pages: 921



Part 4,  197 pages, first 89 pages are correspondence with Comptons about the article. Remaining pages repeat the Paradis correspondence from Part 1.

Part 5, 149 pages, contains research materials and some notes. An odd little drop-in item is a letter in a newspaper by Caleb Lanning. File ends with two letters from the Red Cross explaining how RAH’s phone number became known.

Part 6, 235 pages, contains research materials.

Part 7, 292 pages, contains RAH’s notes and notecards for the article.

Part 8, 86 pages, contains a bit of a hodgepodge with handwritten notes for the article interspersed with letters requesting reprints and research materials.

Part 9, 274 pages, contains several drafts of manuscript, some with extensive hand-edits.



1976 Compton Yearbook and never reprinted.


Notes: Article, notes, and research material Correspondence with Denis J. Paradis

OPUS 175B - Are You a Rare Blood?

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