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Title: Are You a Rare Blood? (parts 10-14) - Article - Correspondence

Written:  Researched beginning summer 1974; written in 1975  

Pages: 921



Part 10, 126 pages, contains correspondence relating to the article, most of research correspondence.

Part 11, 306 pages, contains articles and box excerpts—research materials—with some correspondence interspersed relating to the article.

Part 12, 133 pages, contains drafts of manuscript, plus letters in return from professionals who proofed it. The one from Isaac Asimov on page 100 is pretty amusing. Others include Alan E Nourse, page 110.  Tear sheets from article as published.

Part 13, 200 pages, contains research materials.

Part 14, 180 pages, contains research materials.



1976 Compton Yearbook and never reprinted.


Notes: Cross Referenced: Blood Drive correspondence, 1976. Article, notes, and research material Correspondence with Denis J. Paradis

OPUS 175C - Are You a Rare Blood?

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