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Title: Number of the Beast (parts 1-7) - Novel

Written:   Written October - December 1978 using material from (including first 250 pages of The Panki-Barsoom Number of the Beast (Op. 176)     Pages: 1486



Part 1, 229 pages, contains “oddments” file—notes, notecards, calculations, application letter from a typist, ads for novel. Page 18 has formula for the scrambled names used in the novel. Includes article “Authorization and Continuing Supervision of United States Commercial Space Activities” by Art Dula. Page 222 has engineering diagram Dula had made of the Gay Deceiver. 

Part 2, 220 pages, contains notecards.

Part 3, 227 pages, contains notecards, manuscript pages numbered 63-167. Ends with RAH’s explanation of the anagrams of the names.

Part 4, 210 pages, contains manuscript draft to page 204, no edits.

Part 5, 214 pages, contains manuscript draft, page 205-423, no edits.

Part 6, 200 pages, contains manuscript draft, page 424-736, no edits.

Part 7, 185 pages, contains manuscript draft, page 737-end, 912, no edits. As-published ending.



Novel 219,000 words. Serial publication of 27,250 word excerpt and reduction in Omni magazine October 1979; published after auction by Fawcett Columbine in 1980, with a British release a few weeks earlier.


Notes: Cross Referenced: in OPUS176. Alternate working titles: The Gay Deceiver and Always Tip the Headsman

OPUS 179Ave - Number of the Beast

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