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Title: Testimony – Committee On Aging Some Applications of Space Technology for the Elderly and the Handicapped  - Article/Correspondence

Written:   July 19, 1979   Pages: 622



Part 1, 247 pages, contains letters regarding subject, research materials, and notes. Page 129 starts manuscript.

Part 2, 221 pages, contains several drafts of manuscript, some with extensive editing.

Part 3, 154 pages, contains manuscript drafts interspersed with NASA publication describing their advancements for the aged and handicapped.



Expanded Universe (1980) Cross referenced in OPUS184, Spinoff


Notes: RAH was called on July 2, 1979, to give testimony on this subject before a Joint Session of the House Select Committee on Aging, the Honorable Claude Pepper, Chairman; and the House Committee on Science and Technology, the Honorable Don Fuqua, Chairman, given on July 19, 1979. The testimony was transcribed by a Congressional reporter. Heinlein then revised, condensed and abridged his oral testimony as “Spinoff,” which he collected into Expanded Universe (1980)

OPUS 180 - Committee On Aging

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