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Title: Friday (parts 1-5) - Novel

Written: December 1980 to February 1981. The manuscript was retyped on computer in April-May, and corrected in May 1981    Pages: 1,165



Part 1, 200 pages, first 87 pages are mostly calculations and notes for the story, with diagrams of the path the ship took, detailed timelines of events (worked out on calendar pages), and lists of edits to the proof copy. Page 88 begins the manuscript to page 111, no edits.

Part 2, 238 pages, contains manuscript pages 112-349, no edits.

Part 3, 187 pages, contains manuscript pages 350-535, end, no edits.

Part 4, 250 pages, contains manuscript pages 1-249, no edits.

Part 5, 287 pages, contains manuscript pages 250-535, end, no edits.


Notes: Except for notes, there are no preliminary drafts or other edits preserved. The novel was published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston in 1982 without prior serialization. Note that it is in some sense a sequel to “Gulf”.

OPUS 185Ave - Friday

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