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Title: Job: A Comedy of Justice (parts 1-4) - Novel

Written: August 1982, April - June 1983   Pages: 1,068



Part 1, 207 pages, first seven pages contains notes—typewritten—for story, pretty much an outline. Original manuscript, pages 1-197 with a few scattered edits. 

Part 2, 289 pages, contains original manuscript pages 198-486, end with a few scattered edits.

Part 3, 280 pages, contains photocopy of manuscript, pages 1-275. 

Part 4, 291 pages, contains photocopy of manuscript, pages 276-486.



Published in the September-October 1982, a shortened version of this letter was used as a Foreword in High Frontiers:  A New National Strategy by Daniel O. Graham.


Notes: Alternate title: The Devil We Know and Always Tip the Headsman.

OPUS 187A - Job: A Comedy of Justice

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