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Title: Requiem - Non-fiction

Written: Compiled jointly by Yoji Kondo and Virginia Heinlein in 1990 and 1991  Pages: 721



Part 1, 83 pages, contains correspondence concerning publication of Requiem, including manuscript of Jack Williamson’s “Who Was Robert Heinlein?”, NASA award write-up. Yoji Kondo’s agreement with publisher, correspondence between Ginny and Yoji Kondo.

Part 2, 270 pages, contains manuscript of “Tenderfoot on Venus” with considerable hand-edits, transcription of RAH’s Guest of Honor speech from SeaCon, September 3, 1961, draft of speech.

Part 3, 243 pages, contains Arthur C. Clarke’s tribute piece, transcript of Discovery of the Future speech, MidAmeriCon speech from September 5, 1976, published copy of “Tenderfoot In Space”, manuscript copy of “The Bulletin Board”, published copy of “Poor Daddy”.

Part 4, 125 pages, contains manuscript tribute from numerous authors including L. Sprague de Camp, Tom Clancy, Poul Anderson, Greg Bear, Arthur C. Clarke, and numerous others.



Published 1992 by Tom Doherty Associates (Tor), Some of this material was published in New Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact, vol. 6, ed Jim Baen in 1988.


Notes: It was originally to be made up of transcriptions of the NASA Distinguished Service Award presentation and retrospective, but Ginny Heinlein pointed out that would make a very short book, and she offered to pull some of RAH’s unreprinted manuscripts out of the Archives; the poetry and speech transcriptions were then incorporated.

OPUS 192ve - Requiem

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