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Title: The Case for Space Solar Power   Category: Science Deck 

Author: John C. Mankins  Pages: 580



As its name suggests, this book aspires to make “The Case for Space Solar Power”and to persuade the reader that the time has come to realize this transformational vision. “By pursuing” Space Solar Power, humanity may also open the door to affordable and ambitious exploration and development of our solar system.


This is not to say that there are no hurdles to be overcome or that the technologies and systems needed to achieve commercially viable Space Solar Power are sitting “on the shelf” just waiting to be used. However, the gap between what we actually do in space and what we might do in space – using technologies that are already in use on Earth or exist in the laboratory – has grown so great that ambitious goals such as Space Solar Power may be realized in the reachable future far more readily than most imagine, and at far less cost than past visionary goals of the past, such as putting a man on the Moon in the 1960s.

SD04 - The Case for Space Solar Power

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